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Benefits of Our Fertilizers

  • All natural fertilizer.
  • Contains major plant nutrient with NPK=4-2-1.
  • A natural and slow releasing fertilizer requiring fewer application.
  • No heavy metals, nor toxics, nor chemical.
  • No pollution to ground water and rivers.
  • Diminishing dependency on pesticide.
  • Contains enzyme starters.
  • Increases root mass and foliage.
  • Enhances soil texture.
  • Improving winterization.
  • Will not burn plants even over applied.
  • Contains a high concentration of calcium, and therefore eliminates the need to add lime.
Early cabbage plant at Day 69, just before harvest, grown in ordinary garden soil, Vancouver, B.C.

Early variety cabbage plant at Day 48, fertilized with CT-Ease's fertilizers in ordinary garden soil, Vancouver, B.C.

Snow Peas, fertilized with our organic fertilizer in ordinary garden soil, Vancouver, B.C.

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