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Our Fertilizers Benefit the Slope Greening Project

From Green to Greener

Our fertilizers have been used in Hong Kong over 20 slope greening projects by GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Ltd. Addition to that, our fertilizers are extensively used in a Slope Aesthetic Greening Enhancement ("SAGE") program in Hong Kong. This program was designed specifically for slope greening projects and will enhance the growth and colouring of plants and vegetation system. The results of the slope greening after using our fertilizers:
  • Pollution Free Environment. Chito Stick and Chito-Power are insoluble in water. Thus, there is no leaching to the surrounding water system.
  • Provides Nutrients for a Longer Period of Time. Our fertilizers' time-released mechanism works in entirely natural way. The nutrients in the fertilizers are released by a natural microbial action. As a result, our fertilizers provides nutrients to the plant steadily over time to build stronger and healthier plants.
  • Denser Root Mass. A stronger root system will result in further increasing the anchoring capability of the slope.
  • Healthier Foliage. With the healthier foliage, reduces the frequency of cropping the foliage.
  • Colouration of the Plants The foliage becomes greener.
  • Pests and Diseases. Abolishes the need to use fungicide or pesticides.

Comparison of slope greening after applying our organic fertilizer. In the pictures, tillers on the left turn brown without using our fertilizers.

Comparison of Tillers

Before Using Chito-Stick.Tillers are Less Erected, less actively growing tillers

After Using Chito-Stick.Tillers are more sturdy, actively growing.

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